Tub To Shower Conversion: Why It’s Worth It To Make The Switch

Converting your tub into a shower may be something you are currently mulling over as a home improvement project, but you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger yet. 

That’s understandable as a tub to shower conversion comes with a number of pertinent questions and concerns that any homeowner should consider carefully before starting work. A range of variables come into play that could imperil your home’s resale value or increase it. Critical factors like the number of bathrooms you have in the home, the amount of space available in the bathroom where you want to do the conversion, and yes, even personal preference are all going to play a role in your decision. 

Resale Value Concerns

The first thing homeowners want to know is whether a tub to shower conversion will negatively impact the home’s resale value. But there is no real hard and fast answer to that question as a number of aspects come into play. 

For starters, your property value is going to be affected by factors like the size and condition of the home itself, the neighborhood in which the residence is located, and the number of bathrooms that have been in installed in the home. The important thing here is that you need to have at least one tub in the home, as selling your home without it could lower your home’s property value. 

Perhaps you only have the one bathroom in your home and you’d much rather prefer having a shower instead of a tub. While personal preference is very important (after all, this is YOUR home), you should give a thought to how long you plan to live there. If you’re not expecting to move out in the future, then you can convert that tub into a shower and deal with resale values if and when you do decide to sell. 

But if you are thinking you may wish to move in the next year or two, it may not make sense to do your conversion, leaving the tub intact. That is, if you don’t have, another tub in the home. If you have more than one bathroom and you want to convert a tub to a shower while there is still another tub in a bathroom in the home, then by all means, do your conversion! 

Do Tubs Really Matter that Much?

According to a recent study, nearly two thirds of homeowners show little to no interest in having a bathtub in their homes, opting instead for a shower. That might make it easier to sell the home if the market allows and that trend continues at the time you wish to put the home on the market. 

While two thirds of homeowners may not be all that interested in a tub, there is that other one third to consider and, in many cases, those respondents are families with children. So you could be narrowing the potential buyers for your home if there is no tub in the house. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean you will have trouble selling the home without a tub down the line. That may largely depend more on the neighborhood in which you currently live. Do you reside in an area where there are a lot of families or is the region in where you live more suited for childless couples and single adults? That will play a role in your ability to resell the home without a tub installed. 

Is it Worth it?

So we’re back to the basic question. So far, knowing now what you do, can you answer that question adequately yet? Let’s take something else into account – the amount of space you have to work with in your bathroom. If you have a standard size tub installed, then you should have ample space in which to convert your tub to a shower. While the width and length are ideal, you may have depth issues which you will need to work out and that could make the conversion a bit more complicated. 

The good news is that you have a myriad of options as to what you could use as a replacement shower based around any size budget. So not only is a tub to shower conversion a matter of personal preference and convenience, it can be a very affordable project to mount as well. 

You have less expensive options such as pre-fab fiberglass systems that come with assorted advantages and disadvantages or you can have an entire new walk-in tile shower tailor made to fit the space you have to work with in your bathroom. You can customize the shower how you wish and utilize all available space to your advantage.

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