Know The Benefits of Shower Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are a highly popular option for bathrooms because of their convenience and flexibility. Mixer taps are selected instead of traditional two separate taps. In the traditional model, one tap will have a hot water connection with the outlet pipe and the other taps will have a cold water supply. When you use shower mixer taps, the water will be obtained from both cold and hot sources. The water will be combined and expelled in a single outlet or flow from the spout.

The best part of mixer tap is you can set the water temperature when it is flowing from the tap. This way, you will have complete control over fixing the desired and precise temperature. It actually makes the entire bathing experience a convenient and pleasant one. If you are using the traditional bathroom set, you have to struggle for setting the right temperature and you will be getting hot water and cold water separately in two taps. It is actually the outdated model.

Benefits of Shower Mixer Taps:


Nowadays, many people are selecting a sleek model that is seen in the mixer tap. It is slim and also stunning. It comes in various ranges, styles, and models. You need to fix your budget and select the right model accordingly. The handle of the taps also differ. It can range from traditional rotating levers to handles which can be lifted down and up to manage the flow.


Mixer taps function both on the bathroom basin and on the bath area. It is possible for you to mix and match that is private cold and hot taps on basin space and mixer tap on bath area. It remains perfect for a shower bath.

Simple To Use

Most people find mixer taps simple to use. It remains more convenient especially when it has a single lever. You have to just turn the lever to the right temperature and lift it up. You do not have to turn hot water tap and cold water tap separately and blend the hot and cold in right mixture. There is no need to untighten and tighten them every time you need water. It remains useful for the elderly and children as they would not strength to open and close the normal tap.

More Economical and Safer

It is hard to use two taps to fill a bath or sink with water. You need to check by dipping your toe or finger in the water. If the temperature is right, you need to again mix with hot or cold water. The traditional taps waste a lot of energy and time. But when you install the shower mixer taps, it is simple to fill water at your preferred temperature. It is the reason it is considered economic, safe, modern and simple to use. It is the best choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

The Latest Feature of Mixer Taps

The shower mixer taps come with a new feature-shower head. It consists of shower and bath mixer taps. When you purchase the set on whole, you can enjoy the double benefits-relaxed bathing experience and perfect water temperature.

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