How To Choose Quality Wardrobes With Sliding Doors?

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Choosing your bedroom wardrobe can be both exciting and exhilarating. A quality wardrobe offers more than just storage space; it also helps glam and spruce up your bedroom.

There are various things you should always ask yourself before picking the wardrobe of your choice. What is your primary goal, to create ample storage space? Or perhaps, you’re looking for style and fashion inside your bedroom?  If space is your guiding principle, many wardrobe designs incorporate drawers and shelves, hanging rails, etc.

For style and fashion enthusiasts, the wardrobes are available in various finishes and designs.

Nothing beats a quality wardrobe that meets your storage space, is stylish and luxuriously designed. A sliding door wardrobe is one such example.

Sliding door wardrobes are favourite for their stylish design and suitability in limited/squeezed spaces.

Here are quick tips to help you choose quality wardrobes with sliding doors;

  • Do your homework; start by getting your measurements right, especially the length and width of your walls. Most quality wardrobes nowadays comprise of the floor to ceiling designs.  The closet should seamlessly fit into your room.
  • A good furniture dealer; London is home to numerous furniture dealers, be sure to find one that has a variety of wardrobes to pick from.  Do you want a standalone wardrobes with sliding doors? Or an inbuilt wardrobe with glass sliding doors? The more the variety to choose from, the better.
  • Designer furniture; the beauty of picking a designer wardrobe with sliding doors is that you can have it customised to suit your taste and preferences. Some dealers will take your measurements and assemble the wardrobe units, then fit them to your room upon completion.

  • Tiny rooms; sliding door wardrobes are ideal for small rooms because the doors aren’t hinged. It means there’s no outer space consumed by the doors.  Depending on your tastes and preferences, the sliding doors can be in the form of two doors sliding away from each other, or a single door that slides to one side.
  • Warranty; lastly, take a moment to consider the warranty of the wardrobe. Considering that this is a long-term investment, you need a warranty of not less than ten years! Most designer wardrobes have a warranty of 8 to 10 years.

Sliding door wardrobes are the new trend that’s expected to reign in 2019. You get a combination of storage space, stylishness, durability, uniqueness, and convenience all rolled into one.

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