Fast and Easy: How to Save Time when Packing

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One of the most time-consuming tasks when you’re moving is packing all your stuff, especially when you have lots of stuff.

Whether you have a moving company to help you or not, it’s always better to have your stuff packed before the moving. That means you need to allot at least a month to get all your belongings prepared on the day of the move. And that may be for the packing only.

There’s a lot of other things involved when you’re moving to a new place so even a couple of weeks may not be enough. That’s why we’ve compiled some packing tips that will make the endeavor faster and more time-saving.

Buy everything you need for packing

To avoid having to run to the store and buying another packing tape, it’s best that you buy everything in advance. It’s better that you also buy more than quitting mid-packing just to run to the store again.

Make a list of what you’ll need such as boxes, tapes, newspaper or paper for more fragile items, bubble wraps, and scissors.

Move from room to room

Instead of going at random or throwing everything fragile in one box and all clothes in another, it’s best that you pack items from room to room. That means every fragile item from the living room is in one box – everything else in another. And then move to your bedroom and put everything that’s easily breakable in one box and so on.

It’s easier for you to remember everything when unpacking by labeling them with colored markers. For example, red markers are for the living room, black is for the clothes, and blue for anything you might need to unpack first. Be sure that you mark these as you go along, so you don’t forget which box is from which room.

In addition, empty the room before moving to another. Each room or area of the house may require a whole day of packing. But it’ll flow smoothly, and the more peaceful you are while working, the easier and faster it is to pack your things.

Pack all your essentials in a hand-carry bag

From your toothbrush to medications, it’s important that you pack all of these into a hand-carry bag where it’s easier for you to rummage through it and get what you need. These are packed last as you normally have to use them in your place still.

Save anything you might need until the last minute. You don’t have to open boxes to find what you need and re-packing them again.


Most of all, hiring a professional moving company also saves you time, and this works well if you don’t have enough time to pack your things or disassemble furniture. They usually have a team of people who will pack up your things more effectively and much faster. Just make sure you pack your personal items beforehand.

Finding a good company is essential in making sure your move is successful and less stressful.

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