Home Improvement Ideas for 2019

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Many homeowners dream of updating their living space. From installing new locks to repairing water damage on the ceiling, there’s no shortage of projects on the agenda. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to put your home improvement ideas into action. Here are several home improvement moves you should make in 2019.

Rearrange Your Closet Space

When people move into a new home they tend get excited about available closet space. A large, empty closet presents lots of potential. But that potential is seemingly lost when unorganized masses of clothes, seasonal decorations, and other items are shoved inside the space. Reorganizing closets throughout your home is a great goal to set in 2019. It’s a fairly simple task that you can do gradually and at little expense.

Start by assessing what kind of items you have stored away and how much space you have to work with. From there, start shopping for suitable solutions. Perhaps all you need are over-the-door shoe shelves to manage a large collection of footwear. Or perhaps you’ll want to consider a more extensive project, such as installing modular drawer towers and shelving units.

Upgrade Your Faucets

It’s not always easy to cut down on your water usage – especially if you live in a household where everyone showers every day and the dishes constantly need washing. Low-flow faucets and showerheads are an easy solution to the problem. These are aerators that reduce water flow from the standard 2.2 gallons per minute to about 1.5 gallons per minute. This is an inexpensive home upgrade, and it won’t cause much of a change in your faucet or showerhead’s performance.

If you want to take the project a little further, consider having a low-flow toilet installed. Many models allow you to select how forceful the flush is, so you can conserve water whenever possible.

Replace Your Windows

Old windows might seem like a common and minor problem, but they contribute to a host of other issues. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 30 percent of heating and cooling energy use is due to heat loss and gain through windows. So, by switching to more efficient windows, you can make a considerable dent in your monthly utility bills.

It’s easy to tell when a window replacement project is necessary. Simply check your windows for a draft. If there seems to be a lot of air seeping into your home, take the time to contact window installation professionals. Although this will cost more upfront than the two previously projects, this is one home improvement idea that can eventually help you save enough money to focus on other goals.

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