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10 Benefits Of Installing Granite Benchtops In Your Kitchen!

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If you are looking for raw beauty and natural modulations in natural stone, you need to consider granite kitchen benchtops. Having been installed by a professional and sealed (once a year preferable), your granite should tolerate high pressure of heat, deal with fading issues perfectly and prove to be more durable than any other stone.

Let’s see why one could choose granite kitchen benchtops

1. Durable
Its non-porous nature, which means it does not have tiny pores or sponge-like characteristic that makes it more likely to last longer than other stones. Proper maintenance might even make it imperishable.

2. Classy look
The complex reactions in the earth that happen during millions of years help this stone achieve a look that is very much unlike any man-made material. It is definitely a worthy investment if one wants to own an elegant looking granite benchtop.

3. Natural designing
Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed while it cooled deep within the earth. The process that takes place cause the minerals contained in granite usually look like small flecks throughout the stone, ending up in a beautiful pattern that cannot be copied exactly, so it becomes an exclusive design for that piece.

4. Heat resistant
Granite kitchen benchtops resist heat. One could place a hot pan or pot directly over this benchtop and it would still charm you with its property of being strong towards high heat. However, this would also depend on the quality of the granite too, for example, the darker shade is harder than the light so it holds more resistance.

5. Scorch proof
It has a  crystalline structure makes it more resistant than other stones towards stains caused by liquid spills, hot pans or anything acidic in nature like vinegar, red wine etc. There would not be incidental color fading, abrasion, burn marks, patches or scratches formed on this stone.

6. Variety in surface finishes
There are options like leathered, polished, honed, flamed and bushhammered finish. They all have their own beautiful benefits like hiding water spots, fingerprints, giving smoother surface or shine etc.
One can choose from the choices available.

7. Choice of colors/textures
The possibility of having a perfect color for your kitchen makes it interesting to check out the different textures and colors.

8. Hygienic and easy to clean
As it is non-porous in nature, nothing gets absorbed or leaves stains, hence the food can be kept without any worries about hygiene. This property also helps in maintaining cleanliness of the benchtop.

9. Almost maintenance free
Once the sealing is done and the basic routine cleanliness is handled well, it really does not need extra maintenance for it to last longer compared to other stones that require regular maintenance.

10. Standard of the kitchen
Having a granite kitchen benchtop might feel like a weighty investment initially however, it definitely adds to the quality of your kitchen, resulting in holding an extra value while selling/buying the house.

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