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Young woman cleaning windows on a clear sunny day.

6 Tips for Powering through Spring Cleaning

No one knows the origins of spring cleaning. Some historians believe that the tradition dates back to the Jewish tradition of passover. Others think it has to do with the pleasant weather associated with the month of March. Regardless, the tradition stuck around because most of us need a reminder to clean our homes’ various nooks and crannies. Before you start your spring cleaning, use this guide to power through your high-priority projects.

Tip 1 – Get Rid of Junk

Spring cleaning presents an opportunity to get rid of extra stuff. To make the process easier, I use this four question process. First ask, “have I used this item in the last 12 months?” If no, get rid of it. Then ask, “am I willing to carry this up two three flights of stairs?” If no, get rid of it. Finally, ask “can someone use this in the future?” If so, consider donating or selling the item. I tend to have the best luck selling clothing, furniture, and electronics. If you can’t sell it, donate the item to a local charity and claim the donation on your taxes.

Tip 2 – Powerwash Your Home

When was the last time you washed your windows? Instead of spending hours on the outside on your home, consider using apower washing service, especially if you live in a two story house. Power washers can clean your windows and refresh the look of your external paint job in half the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Tip 3 – Clean the Gutters

Climbing a ladder can be scary, but cleaning the gutters really isn’t that bad. First, set up a tarp and ladder opposite the downspout. Afterwards, put on your work gloves and safety glasses, and climb the ladder. When you get to the top, use your trowel to scoop debris into a bucket or plastic bag. Finally, use the hose to wash dirt and grime down the downspout. If you’re afraid of heights, most power washers also offer gutter cleaning services.

Tip 4 – Clean the Floors

Your weekly sweeping and mopping routine won’t cut it when doing your spring cleaning. If you have wood floors, give them a second look. If the wood looks like it’s drying, consider waxing it. If the floors have already been waxed within the last 6 months, the floor may need a buffing. Your carpet also deserves some TLC. Think about renting a carpet cleaning machine to shampoo your carpets and remove unsightly stains.

Tip 5 – Clean the Walls and Cabinets

Walls, doors, and cabinets get dirty over time. It’s inconvenient to clean them regularly, so spring is the perfect time. Wipe off your walls with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser to remove ugly marks. You can also use the Magic Eraser on painted doors and cabinets. For stained woods, try using a product like cabinet cream to remove stains and marks.