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8 Tips To Make Moving Easier For Everyone

For many people, moving from one house to another is a tedious and time-consuming process. This need not be true. These 8 tips will help you and your family stay sane during your next move.

Get a removal company

It’s important to book the services of a professional moving company as soon as possible. Once you know that you are moving, simply call or email around to get a few quotes. Pick the best company for the job and you’re set to get started. Additionally, professional movers will be able to assist you in making sure your beloved items reach your new home safely. Always make sure that you get hold of a moving company with several years’ experience behind their name.


There is no better time to declutter your home than when you are moving. This is an excellent opportunity to throw out or donate items which have not been used in a year or more. The best way to go about this is to separate household items into three categories, keep, donate, and throw away. Go through every room in your house and find everything that can be donated, the items you want to keep and those you want to throw away. Decluttering before your move is a great way to make sure that only those items which are being used make it to your new home.

Start early

Once you have your date for moving home, you need to set out a schedule to packing and stick to it. The sooner you get started on packing the easier it will be on the day of your move. The best way to go about this is to pack everything up, room by room.

Time for an inventory

As you pack up your items mark them down on an inventory. This will help you keep track of items leaving your old house and arriving at your new home. If you have hired a moving company to pack up your house for you then they will create the inventory as they pack up your items.

Least used first

Always start packing with the items which you use the least. Start in the spare room or the garage. It would not make sense to pack up your bathroom essentials a week before moving. But it would make sense to pack away a second or third dining set.

Utility arrangement

Make sure that you have changed your billing address before you move. Getting the nitty-gritty paperwork out of the way will mean that you have more time to enjoy your new home and settle in.

Quality Materials

If you have opted to make use of boxes to pack your belongings into be sure that they are of good quality. The last thing you want is to suffer a broken box when you are moving kitchen crockery. When using a moving company it is always a great idea to find out exactly what you qualify for. Find out if packaging material is included in the price you have paid. If not, ask how much it would be as an extra charge,

Proper Labels

When labeling boxes always put the name of the room they are going to as well as a short description of the contents. This way you won’t be confused when unpacking. Another alternative is to make use of coloured stickers for each room.

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