Decoration ideas to divide spaces

Dividing spaces does not only involve the construction of walls: there are other solutions that help multiply the natural space and make better use of the natural light that enters through the windows. Dividing environments with resources that are not walls is a very useful strategy for loft- type studies, and also allows creating a greater intimacy based on forming new rooms. For all these reasons, today we bring you a lot of decorating ideas to divide spaces that are worth to both the home and the workplace. If you do not know how to get more out of the available space, divide and conquer!

  1. Divide spaces: with shelves

The shelves are a good solution to divide large spaces into two different environments, as they allow you to give the decoration a lot of style and at the same time have a large storage space, something useful at all times, for this purpose you can easily use room divider screens. If you have natural light in the room, we recommend that you use bottomless shelves, lighter visually and through which the light can pass and illuminate both spaces. This type of decoration is suitable for the division of very spacious rooms, such as large rooms or offices.

  1. Divide spaces: with ropes

Although surprisingly surprising, the fact is that the use of strings in decoration is an upward trend. It is original and functional, and if that was not enough, it is an ecological solution. In this case, the strings are used grouped forming large curtains that divide the space in an undeniable way, but at the same time allow the passage of light, which again brings visual lightness, luminosity and sense of spaciousness. It is a great way to recycle this material and give it a different use than what we are used to.

  1. Divide spaces: with screens

Made with pallets, with old windows or made to measure for the purpose of being what they are, the screens are the most used accessories to divide areas in any imaginable space. And that is why they were created precisely for that. The screens will be especially useful in loft- style homes where walls are scarce, allowing us to create almost independent areas. In addition, they are a simple and inexpensive way to divide a space, they do not detract light, they are easy to install, and we can change them when we see fit.

  1. Divide spaces: with curtains

Curtains are another good idea to divide spaces as they have the potential to bring a special appeal to the aesthetics of the room. There are millions of styles and shapes but one of the ones that has caught our attention is the curtain created by reusing old vinyl records, which you will also love if you are recycling and DIY. The advantage that the curtains offer with respect to other solutions to divide spaces is that if you want to convert both rooms into one, you just have to open them .

  1. Divide spaces: with plants

And what about the replacement of walls with plants? In a living room, in any room or even on the porch, a flowerpot can perfectly delimit the passage areas. Placing the pots side by side in the form of a barrier – if they are large, better than better – will make it clear to everyone that there is no way to go, and at the same time will bring an irresistible green touch to our house .