Get InstantHot Water on Demand Anytime

Tankless water heaters produce hot water instantly anytime without the need of storage tank which is used to store hot water. Whenever hot water is needed simply by switching the heater on and opening hot water tap gives hot water in few seconds. Hence, they are also called as on-demand water heaters. They produce and supply hot water continuously without any time limits or water limit anywhere in the house. Now-a-days, these are becoming very popular because of its benefits. These water heaters does not require water tank to store water. These are little expensive when compared with storage water heaters. These water heaters avoid standby heat losses associated with storage water heaters. They can be installed in a centralized manner or they can be installed separately to different appliances. There are many models available in these tankless water heaters. Depending on the size that is how much hot water a tankless heater supply per minute and the technology used to heat water they are wide range of models in these water heaters. Information about the best gas tankless water heater can be found here; click this link.


Types of tankless water heaters and its working:

Tankless water heaters directly heats water coming into it and supply the instantly generated hot water without using storage tanks. An electric circuit board which provides power to the control panel and the igniter is connected to the tankless water heater whether it is an electric model or a gas model. These heaters regulate the heating temperature depending on the water temperature that goes through inlet. When the hot water tap is opened or turned on, water enters into the heater through inlet pipe. The water flow sensor panel detects the water flow and triggers the ignition. Either a gas burner or an electric coil element heats the water. As a result tanless water heater generates and delivers hot water endlessly. Depending on the hot water generated per minute and the type of igniter, tankless water heaters are available in various models. Two or more tankless water heaters can be connected in parallel for simultaneous, multiple uses in the large households or separate water heaters can be installed for appliances such as washing machines, dish washers etc.  For more hot water demanded appliances, it is better to install a separate tankless water heater to avoid any miss functioning. Flow rate for a tankless water heater is measured in gallons per minute. These water heaters take much place in the installation area as this does not contain storage tank.

Non-condensing, condensing and condensing hybrid are the three types of tankless water heaters. Non-condensing tankless unit is the first modelit heats water on-demand using heat exchanger. These are reliable and the unit has hot exhaust which means there is stainless steel venting that is expensive and it also has lower energy efficiency when lots of hot water is used for short draws like hand wash. Condensing tankless water heaters have secondary heat exchangers which uses the heat generated by exhaust to further heat the water. It means the venting is made with VPC and is cheaper. It also shows lower efficiency for short water draws. Condensing hybrid is the latest model in tankless water heaters. This heater has small one gallon or 2 gallon storage tanks within it which is used for short water drawing purpose. This model overcomes all the drawbacks of first two models. It is important to check the brand, specifications and reviews of the heater before purchasing.