How to furnish a bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate and personal home of the house that often has the task of representing us and making our home environment unique. Let’s see together how to furnish it to the best, relying on industry experts such as

Even though it may seem trivial, a shelf over the bed is the most practical and economical solution not only to find the place for our dearest items but also to create a very personal decoration in the bedrooms furnishing.

As for the colors, the advice is to choose white sheets but with a color effect given by the graphic pillows and maybe a striped blanket placed at the foot of the bed
Also remember that a masonry niche often solves many functions: wall-reading lights, floor plans replacing bedside tables, a lighted room with a colored LED will make your room comfortable and functional.

And for those who love trendy solutions, there’s one: the bedside lamp comes from above: in addition to being very cool, the idea of ​​using suspended lamps next to the bed saves space compared to a classic table light and offers more widespread lighting.

If you like to go countercurrently, Masoni advises you to decorate the room almost as if it were a living room: instead of the bedside table and the table lamp, a floor stand and a low table become a room-style solution to the bedroom.
And for those who love art, the ideal will definitely be a decoration of the original and evocative headboard: the picture is framed by two curtains as if it were a window.

If your bedroom is lofty, the ideal configuration could be: wall lights for reading and a masonry volume as support for small personal complements and personal effects, all embellished with a LED light.

If you love full colors and environments, the idea might be a textile panel that runs along the entire wall on which the bed is resting. It is a solution to make a decoration with your favorite colors and bring a feeling of softness to the room.

And for the most original, here is an idea to copy: the decoration of the bed wall entrusted to a composition of simple mirrors by hand, of different shapes, hanging on the contrary.