The Importance of Getting a Roof Inspection before Hurricane Season

When preparing for a hurricane, there are quite a few things to do in order to be prepared. Your roof is one of those critical areas that should not be ignored! Many people will board up their windows, evacuate, or make sandbags when in fact, tending to your roof should be included in your list of preparations as well!

Regular roof inspections are important to have done even when you’re not expecting a hurricane to come. If you have regular inspections, your to-do list will shorten when you’re anticipating a natural disaster. Even though it may be money upfront, you will be grateful once it’s all said and done. There are many services – local or bigger – that have experience performing inspections. It might be smart to ask someone you know for a reference. A good reference will help you find a great inspector or roofing company. It is recommended that your wooden, tile, or asphalt shingles be inspected every 3 years. For tile roofs, every 5 years is recommended for inspection. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you can time out your regular inspections just in time to prep for the harsher seasons. A professional inspection could potentially be around $175 depending on where you live.

Why is it Important to Inspect Before a Hurricane?

Your roof takes the brunt of the impact during a storm. Winds going 150 mph can do so much damage, so inspecting your roof beforehand can help prevent future problems. In certain cases, a storm can damage shingles, or it can lift the roof off the home. You may ignore some things in preparation for a hurricane, but your roof should not be one of them!

It Helps with Insurance Claims

Once the damage is done to your roof and you file a claim, insurance companies will have to come take a look at it. If they find that you didn’t keep proper maintenance on your roof pre-hurricane, you will be responsible for the replacement cost – yikes! Having that papertrail and picturetrail can help with those expenses. You should have a file ready of your previous roof inspections along with the repairs you made. Save your receipts! It would also come in handy to save pictures of your roof before hurricane season comes around. This will show the insurance company that you kept up with your roof before the damage happened.

It Gives Peace of Mind.

I can’t tell you how many times I have waited-out going to the doctor because of costs, but am     completely stressed about it. Sometimes it would have been worth it just to go and get that peace of mind, knowing everything is really okay. The same goes for a roof. The doctor and a roof are different, yes, but the stress level of letting your mind wonder is similar and also preventable. After 5 or 10 years of not checking on your roof, aren’t you worried about the foundation of it? Having a regular inspection on your roof will help prevent any stress from arising once hurricane season is here.

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