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What Makes Madison, WI the Best City to Live In?

There’s nothing quite like life in a college town, especially if that college town happens to boast a strong economy and a vibrant culture. Madison, Wisconsin is home to the largest public four-year university in the state and also serves as the state capitol, providing an excellent backdrop for those who call the city home.

If you’re thinking about moving to Madison, you’ll find the city a casual and down-to-earth locale. The city is home to 627,618 people, and many of those individuals are not natives to the city. A fair portion of the population consists of individuals like yourself who previously moved to Madison, either in search of work or because they attended UW-Madison and decided to stay permanently.

Helpful, Quick Stats

The average annual salary in Madison is $49,030, which is above the national average for the US of $48,320, and the city boasts a rock-bottom unemployment rate of 3.1%. Housing in the city is affordable, with a median home price of $219,429. While that figure is higher than the median home price in the US as a whole, it is lower than other major cities in the Midwest such as Chicago.

A Healthy Economy, Literally

Once a manufacturing hub in the Midwest, today the economy of Madison runs on health care and information technology. One of the city’s newest employers is Epic Systems, a healthcare software company that is based out of the city of Verona. Madison also has a number of hospitals employing locals, as well as the University of Wisconsin’s robust system of clinics, teaching hospitals, and research facilities.

The 3.1% unemployment rate in Madison is well below the national average, and the city has proven a hotbed of startups. Among the other major employers in Madison you’ll find:

  • American Family Insurance
  • American Girl Brands
  • ZenDesk

Strong Schools

The student-teacher ratio in Madison schools is one of the lowest in a major metropolitan area in the US, with an average of 20:1. The city has 41 public elementary, middle, and high schools, along with 56 private schools and three major colleges/universities. Seven of the city’s high schools earned Best High School rankings from US News & World Report, and two of the three universities earned a Best College ranking as well.

A Safe Place to Call Home

Madison is an incredibly safe city given its size, which enhances the small-town feel of Wisconsin’s capital. Property crimes are more common than violent crime, but crime rates in both categories are well below the national average. In fact, the crime rate for property crime and violent crime are half that of the national average in the United States.

Where to Live in Madison?

There are few bad neighborhoods in Madison, which means you’ll have a tough time deciding which of its areas and suburbs to call home. For young professionals, downtown Madison is the place to be as a boom in high-density rental apartment building has been fueled by demand for housing with close proximity to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the private-sector employers near the city’s center.

No Shortage of Things to Do

The best thing about living in Madison is the year-round option to get out and about. The city itself is situated on an isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, providing plentiful access to water sports, boating, canoeing, and beaches in the city. Its vibrant culture offers plenty of music, food, and beer options that work for any time of the year. The Art Fair on The Square and the Great Taste of the Midwest offer thriving arts and craft beer scenes.

Considering a Move to Madison, WI?

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