3 Advantages To A Flat-roofed Home

As time goes on, people are moving away from the older style of sloped and pointed roofs. The new flat roof style is becoming more and more popular, and there are plenty of reasons why. Flat-roofed homes give a more modern look to your house while also playing up the slick design that is so much in style today, but there are three very good reasons that flat-roofed homes are becoming more popular.

The first reason is the cost: a regular slanted or pointed roof comprises a much higher square footage, which means that there is more area to cover with roofing panels, and more effort must be put into building the frame for the roof. Flat-roofed homes are less expensive to build both in material cost and in installation cost. The materials that are used to cover flat roofs are fairly inexpensive, generally costing around $0.80 per foot of material. It’s also cheaper for installation as well because there is less framework involved. Both these things make flat roofs extremely affordable to install, it also means that the maintenance and upkeep of the roof is rather inexpensive as well.

Another reason why flat-roofed homes are becoming more popular is the extra space they provide. Not only does it give you a roof to keep air conditioning units, solar panels, and even rooftop gardens on, but it also gives you a much more spacious interior as well. Your interior space is no longer crowded with sloped walls that a traditional roof creates – kneed walls, as some people call them. You can use your new attic space as a top floor apartment, or even just another room in your home. This spacious interior also means that the square footage of your home will be larger, and also much more usable.

The slick design of a flat-roofed home also creates a much more accessible roof. Cleaning the gutters will no longer be a chore you dread, but an easy fix. If you need to install satellite dishes or solar panels, accessing your roof will be easier too, and actually much less expensive to do as well. And of course, if you learn how to help maintain your roof and gutters, repairs are that much quicker and less painful with a flat-roofed home, since the roofis easier to access, and also because flat, weatherproof membranes are more durable than shingles.

Whether you want a rooftop garden, a bigger attic space, or you just want your home to have a modern, slick design and spacious interior, moving to a flat-roofed home, or building a home with a flat roof are definitely great options. The three reasons listed here are the biggest and most important advantages of a flat-roofed home, but they definitely are not the only ones. The rest of the world is realizing the advantages, and joining the momentum is a great decision.

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