3 Things that Help Keep Your House Organized and Clean

When we watch lifestyle channels it is easy to get jealous over the kind of command they have over the featured homes. Their kitchens are equipped with the latest technology, their living room has a matching couch set, and their houses seem to have a cohesive color palette. Achieving this kind of order may seem like a far reach when you are busy with work, kids, and pets.

There is a way for you to be able to achieve the same order, if not look, of their homes without the added expense of an interior designer. It comes down to creating a system that is easy to work with. Items have to be within reach and easy to put away. When you have a system that does that, there is no reason for you to not expand your efforts into playing with colors and other knick-knacks.


The first thing you need is a proper organizer. There are organizers for the kitchen, for the office, and for general living space. Find one with a flexible design that you can move around the home. Find organizers that come in different sizes and plan their contents. Larger organizers with clothes, exercise equipment, and other miscellaneous items can stay at the bottom of the closet and bookshelf. They mostly hold seasonal things that you don’t reach for often. Medium organizers can be placed on the bookshelf or any area with an empty space, there is no limit to what you can put in medium sized organizers from toiletries, school supplies, to old childhood memorabilia. Small organizers can be placed near doors and communal spaces to hold the standard pen, paper, and keys for you to stay on the go.

 Cord holders

Cord holders are often overlooked, but they help keep wires in place. They prevent accidents that often happen with children like tripping over an extension cord or pulling hanging wires which may lead to appliances falling over. Having cord holders also helps maintain the quality of the cords over time since they are not always tugged or played around.

Waterproof floors

Waterproof floors save a lot of hassle with cleaning and they do not stain as easily as regular wood floors and carpet. Any kind of instant mess that comes with a children’s party or your new dog being trained can easily be cleaned with a damp rag and soap. Not all waterproof floors have to be dated; you can have vinyl wood flooring which has all the class of wood, without its high maintenance. Now, waterproof floors do not have a stain-free guarantee but as long as the spill or mess is cleaned immediately then there should be no problem.

There are other things you can incorporate into your home, from special rungs for bikes and other sports gear to bookends for your shelves. It all depends on the kind of lifestyle you have and the look you want to achieve. These three tips are just basic starting points for you to have that “home lifestyle” channel look.


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