3 Very Different Kitchen Makeover Style Ideas

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The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s where I spend most of my time anyway. I like to cook and I love to sit down with my family after a long, laborious day at work; conjure up an incredibly delicious, nutritious meal and have a chin wag over a brew. Or maybe a small glass or two of red on the weekend.

The kitchen is an important limb of the body that is the house. It’s as important as, say, a lung – in a bad situation, you could do without one, but it would be very unpleasant and it would probably get a little messy.

So it’s essential that you have a kitchen worth cooking in, worth socialising in, and worth living in, right? Yes, of course it is. Here are three very different kitchen makeover style ideas that you could try.

The Cambridge Look. It’s ultra modern and breathtakingly shiny whilst still being sophisticated and easy to clean. A very Look-At-Me style kitchen for a Look-At-Me style personality.

The Country Look. If you’re after more of an understated, laid back kitchen makeover, then maybe the Country Look is the look for you. The flooring in these kitchen photos screams ‘please take off your wellies at the door!’ Only, the flooring screams it in an understated, laid-back kind of way…

The Minimalist Look. In the minimalist kitchen makeovers, where less is more, it’s all about clean space and the focus of attention being on the mesmerizing, main features that all kitchens have – a fridge, an oven, the sink etc. Think Andy Warhol does kitchens.

There is so much to think about when deciding what to do with your beaten, battered and worn-down old kitchen, from the general style to the colour of the light switches and the intricacies of the table top design. You could spend the rest of your life wondering which way to take your stunning new cook room, but don’t just think about changing it. Do it. These days, it is so easy and affordable to make an exciting new change in the ‘lung’ of your home, that the hardest, most difficult part is figuring out what you want it to look like.

Whichever style you go for – and there are so many styles out there – make sure you chose your designers carefully. Kitchen Magic is a great place to start; but more importantly than that – when it’s done, make sure you christen it with your loved ones and a few glasses of red.

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