4 Reasons to Leave Refinishing to the Experts

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A piece of antique furniture that’s still in use today is a testament to the durability of well-crafted solid wood. Solid wood furniture can last a lifetimeor more when it’s built well, but all furniture needs care and, when neglected, restoration.

If you’ve found a finely-crafted piece of wooden furniture and are interested in restoration, keep in mind that its value is the very reason you’re eager to preserve it. Don’t practice beginner restoration attempts on valuable items; there are many things that can go wrong for the amateur attempting a do-it-yourself refinishing project, and they all make good reasons to leave more valuable jobs to the experts. Most antiquescan loose considerable value if improperly restored. It’s always useful to learn a new skill, but to get good at a craft can sometimes require sacrificing the objects of your first few attempts.

Yes, there are plenty of websites that can teach you how to refinish a piece of furniture yourself, some even have helpful videos, but training on your own can often yield poor results. When you get high quality solid wood furniture and you want to be guaranteed that your item will turn into a valuable antique, using a professional who can do a proper restoration is the better option.  

You never know what problems you’ll come across in the process ofrefinishing an antique. Those surprises are something that expert wood furniture refinishers are trained to spot and repair. Older pieces oftenrequire some repair along with refinishing. Having an expert to handle these more difficult jobs assures that the repairs are done correctly.

Having to re-glue some joints may sound simple, but those joints could be what holds that piece together and guarantees its stability. Another part of refinishing is stripping the varnish. Stripping requires the use of strong chemicals. Most homes aren’t equipped with the proper ventilation to combat and remove such chemical odors. Stripping can also reveal the need for light repairs that might not have been evident beforehand. Wood refinishing experts are trained to assess how large a problem any kind of repair may be.

After stripping, the piece of furniture must be stained again with protective coats. Though these tend to be doable at home, an expert can make sure that any repairs that were done will match the new stain. One of the most difficult parts of making a refinishing job one of quality is to make sure that any new glues or putties used for repairs will take stain properly so that the repairs are concealed.

An expert will be well-accustomed to properly mixing components beforehand, which can mean the difference between an amateur repair and one that makes the piece of furniture look brand new.

There’s a difference between everyday usage and historical conservation and preservation – so in the event that you want the piece to be historically accurate for preservation, an expert may not be willing to strip the furniture.

Yes, you want that special piece of antique solid wood furniture to show off and possibly match your décor, but whether stripping it will cause too much damage is something that experts have the knowledge to assess. If you want museum-quality antique restoration, you need an expert.

For a less valuable piece of furniture, go ahead and get some practice – but antiques require care and practice to properly restore. Ultimately, quality antique solid wood restoration is always better left in the hands of an expert.

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