5 Ways To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

More homeowners are discovering the benefits of natural lighting in the home, preferring to increase this aspect of their interior design over artificial lighting. Not only does it have a unique effect on the staging of the home but it’s also a cheaper form of illumination that can help to cut down on energy costs.

But not everyone knows how to increase the natural light that gets in and they are seeking low-cost options for making their homes brighter, more comfortable, and inviting.

In most instances, there’s no need for a costly renovation in order to make the most of your natural lighting options. However, for some homeowners, mounting a much needed remodel can be a smart solution for allowing more light to shine in.

Another problem that might need addressing is that your windows may be old and in need of repair or replacement. Sometimes the best way to let more light in could be to buy new windows and Renewal by Andersen replacement windows has plenty of options from which to choose.

Here are five ideas that you can implement as effective ways to brighten up your home’s interiors in just about any room you wish.

1. Start Outside

It’s simple really, if there are trees and brush in front of your window, then you won’t be getting much natural light coming in through it. So before you start making substantial changes inside of the house, take a look around the outside of it and see how many of your windows are being obscured.

Sometimes all it takes to get more light into your home is to prune and trim the greenery surrounding it. That means clearing away long branches, thick foliage, and any vines or other forms clinging flora that might be covering your windows.

Once you’ve done all of that, you may be taken aback at how much more light is shining in through your windows and making your room brighter and more appealing. Taking this first step to clear the brush away from your windows is often the most vital in accomplishing the task of bringing in more natural light.

2. Carefully Selected Window Coverings

The way you choose to dress up your windows can also have a big impact on the amount of natural light you allow into the room. Thick curtains and blinds are designed to extinguish light while sheer drapes and vertical or horizontal blinds are good ways to bring more light in.

So consider your options carefully, there are many from which to choose, each one providing a level of privacy and/or light that can be beneficial for increasing your natural light. Many of these choices can also make your home more energy efficient, letting the heat from the sun’s rays enter while your window coverings keep it in by preventing that warmth from seeping back out through the glass.

3. Check the Furniture

When the goal is to bring more natural light into any room, you should take a good long look at what you have inside of that room to help you accomplish the task.

The best place to begin is by examining the furniture. Every room has some and the kind you have might be hindering your goal. It may be time to rethink that furniture if it’s dark, heavy, or oversized as these traits can all have a detrimental effect on the light in your room.

You may also want to reposition your furniture away from your windows as it might be blocking the natural light from coming through.

4. More Mirrors

Another great way to get more light in any room is to increase the number of mirrors inside of it. This is a tried and true trick to make any room look bigger than it actually is in reality, but this same solution is also great for bringing in additional natural light.

But you need to know how to position them and where to do it. A good rule of thumb is to place a large mirror or two smaller ones directly across from the largest window in that room.

5. Brighter Reflections

Maybe you don’t want to go with the mirrors idea but you still want to use reflective surfaces to bounce that natural light around the room. Then you may want to look to your floors as a way to liven up the room by making them more reflective.

Bringing more reflective flooring into the room can be accomplished through the use of polished wood, ceramics, even bright stone, as a way to lighten up the surroundings.

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