Bifold door blinds: The way to decorating bifold doors

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 Sliding doors, also known as bi-fold doors, have become a popular feature in properties, especially in modern homes. This moveable glass not only flood your house with natural light, but also expand your has for more space. However, you only get the most of it when “dressed” correctly.

If you are one of those stuck with the struggle in dressing up your bi-fold doors, then hopefully this piece can be of any help. Read on to find out various bifold door blinds you can use to for your bi-fold doors.

Vertical blinds. These kind of blind is highly versatile that they have become a staple in many households. You can leave your windows and doors fully open by drawing them back to the side or vary your light filtration by tilting and turning its slats. You may also opt to have full privacy by fully drawing it to a closed position. Vertical bifold door blinds come in various designs you can match with your bi-fold door or simply base it on your preference. Go with a low-key, minimalist design or go bright and bold to make a statement.

Panel blinds. The panel blinds stick to the vertical theme of bifold blinds. While they are not as versatile as the vertical blinds because you cannot tilt it, they do offer a dramatic “feels” in your room by giving strong blocks of pattern or color. Many panel blinds are made in fabrics similar to that of vertical blinds, only that their panels are wider.

Allusion blind. Probably designed with the bi-fold doors in mind, the allusion blind gives a modern twist to the vertical blinds. This versatile window/door dressing are ripple of sheer fabric reminiscent to that of a wave curtain. They are as versatile as the vertical blinds that allows you to diffuse or filter through light or completely close for privacy. Yet this bifold door blinds also allow you to walk through them – plus a touch of elegance.

Roller blinds. The three bifold door blinds presented above are quite similar to one another. The roller blinds on the other hand, is a more flexible option as you can split it in a way that it seems to break your doors and windows. With hundreds of fabrics available, you can create the look you want to dress your bi-fold door.

There sure is a lot of ways to dress your bi-fold doors, but before you go out and shop, make sure to remember some considerations for your choice: (1) your space, (2) your budget – of course one would be more expensive than the other, (3) the functionality of your bifold door blinds.

Ideally, you should already have an idea about these three considerations before even getting your bi-fold doors installed. This way, you get to expedite the process of dressing your bifold doors.

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