Creative Use of Used Wine Bottles in Your Kitchen

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You might have several empty wine bottles lying in your store room or you might be planning to get rid of them in some way. What if I say that there is a creative as well as useful technique to use those wine bottle

Will you be interested in putting some creative efforts and enhance your kitchen ambience?

I am sure, you don’t mind that! You do not have to be highly creative for this or need special tools for it but some basic properties which are easily available in the market or at the local store. If the creativity does not inspire you then you can just try one of the techniques to re-live your childhood by being crafty.

Discussed below are some of the creative techniques to use your empty wine bottles-

Personalised touché

If you are curious to test your creative buds and do something creative for yourself then design a monogram or logo. While designing a logo or monogram, keep in mind the size, shape and colour of your wine bottle.

Otherwise, you will end designing a logo which is either not visible or matches the colour of your bottle. Once you have designed it, you can go to the local printing store and get the designed printed in form of a sticker. And, you can simply stick it on your wine bottle. You can also get the design etched on the bottle it is a personal choice.

You can then place this bottle on your Kitchen Island or coffee table.

Prepare your own candles

If you like lights or the feeling of natural glow around you then one technique is to gather some clear wine bottles (if there are stickers you can remove them check the process online if needed) and fill them with wicks and some lamp oil.

You can either place them in a huge glass jar or away from the windows in order to protect them from the winds. When you light them in the evening they give an illuminating effect to your kitchen and a beautiful ambience to prepare your meals.

You can also place these bottles on your coffee table and enjoy a glass of wine in your own company and cherish the moment. You can also do the same in company of your loved ones and enjoy a long chat session.

Drink Mixers

If you are planning to host any type of party/lunch/dinner at your home then you can use these bottles to store your juices or as a cocktail mixer. You can have three different bottles for three individual drinks and an empty bottle which you can use as a shaker to create your personalised cocktail or classic cocktails like cranberry cocktails, Bloody Marys, apricot-ginger, etc.

This makes your task easier as guests can prepare their own drinks as per their tastes and also its less messy. This means that you do not have to be always around the drinks and can enjoy the party.

Message Bottle

Since you are hosting the party and if you are someone who prefers sending guests with a gift then one beautiful idea is to gift them a message bottle. All you have to do is clean the bottle properly so that the glass is crystal clear.

You can write personalised messages to everyone and roll the card tie a string around it and insert it into the bottle. If you like shimmer then you can add some sparkle around the insides of the bottle to get sparkling look!

If you wish to make the message look more appealing you can use good quality paper and make colourful design as the page border. These days, people also make cards on designing apps or software and then get a print of them.

Store Dishwashing Liquid

If you are tired of bending down to grab that packet of liquid gel to wash your utensils then here’s an innovative solution. All you have to do is pour your liquid dishwashing in an empty wine bottle and store it besides the sink.

This way, you don’t really have to bend again and again. Additionally, you don’t have to fear the liquid spilling because there is a lid to cover it and you can use it as and when you want.

Another alternative is that you design your kitchen in Northampton in a way that you have ample space to place your utilities right on the top so that you do not have bend often.

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