Different Types of Lighting

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When it comes to updating the lighting in your home, you have a lot of options. From recessed ceiling lights to wall sconces to entryway chandeliers, they each serve a different purpose and add a different characteristic to your home. Here are a few common options to consider when looking for a different type of lighting to add a little pizzazz to your house.

Wall Sconces

These contemporary wall sconces Westlake Village offers are great options for accent lighting. Wall sconces are most commonly used for accent lighting, and can add a decorative flair to an otherwise drab wall area.

Recessed Lighting

In kitchens and bathrooms, recessed lighting keeps the entire room bright and clean. Because the lights are recessed in the ceiling and much further away, they add a dimension of height to the room. Dimmable recessed lighting is also a great option to create a dimension of warmth in bedrooms.

Pendant Lights

Most popularly used in dining room areas, pendant lights offer a touch of elegance to any area in beautiful, unique designs for every style. Modern pendant lights are often geometric shapes surrounding a main light, while traditional pendants are usually more subtly elegant.

Task Lighting

Of all the types of lighting fixtures, task lighting is most likely to be purposeful rather than decorative. Task lighting is often placed in hard to see places, such as underneath upper kitchen cabinets or in work areas. Using bright task lighting makes it easier to see what you’re doing, and can add a layer of interest in brightening up your cabinet area.

Light fixtures can change the ambience of your home. When you look at updating your lighting, make sure the lighting you select serves the purpose of increasing visibility as well as creating the calm and bright atmosphere that makes your home feel comfortable.

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