How to choose the right ladder to work on roofs: Professional advice

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As a residential roofer or commercial and professional roofer, a ladder is the mandatory element. Without a professional and technical ladder, the Roofer may find the work very hard. Your tools are an important part of your daily life. If you use them correctly and choose them carefully, they can help you stay safe, get your work done smoothly and make your work stand out.

Choose wisely thinking about the homes and places where you work and the obstacles that a staircase can help you overcome. There are many interesting and useful features, and some innovative additions that will make the world of stairs seem tailor made.

Everything about the stairs for ceilings

There are stairs of all shapes and sizes and with different characteristics to make your work easier and safer. Considering your individual daily tasks in the workplace – you may need access to the roof, or a means of climbing it, or an elevated staircase next to the home that serves as a mini workstation.

For example, to install shingles, you may need a stepladder or an extendable ladder to reach the roof and then a roof ladder attached to the roof to do your job. Always be sure to tie your ladder using an anchor (or other stabilizer).

Styles of stairs: Fixed

The fixed stairs are installed as if they were permanent or long-term fixtures of a building or establishment. Residential ceiling installers do not usually find this style in their work, because they are generally used in commercial applications, when the roof needs to be accessed throughout the year.


These ladders stand on their own, and are known as stepladders or scaffolding ladders A. They are sold in a variety of sizes and are classified according to load – from the typical ladder for the home to the most professional, which can withstand more weight.

Not self-supporting

As the name implies, a ladder that does not stand on its own, also known as straight or extendable ladder must lean against something to stay fixed.

Commercial roofers often use a combination of different staircases to place tiles or complete other roofing tasks. Typically, roofers use an extendable ladder to access the roof and a second extendable ladder with wheels and hooks, to do the work from the roof.

Conclusion: Staircase for ceilings

A roof ladder is simply an extendable ladder that was securely attached to the ridge of a sloping roof so that the roofer can work from an angle on the roof. To fix the extendable roof ladder, a pair of roof hooks must be installed on the ladder. Often these are accompanied by wheels that allow you to extend the ladder to the height of the roof.

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