How to Create a Beautiful and Unique Vintage-Style Bedroom

There are many bedroom themes from which you can choose, but somehow, for many, the vintage-style bedroom has always been a popular choice. In fact, it’s a more popular choice than ever, perhaps due to our increased interest in simple, clean lines and unique themes. But what you should know is that creating a beautiful vintage-style bedroom need not cost an arm and a leg, either. Here’s how to create the most beautiful vintage-style bedroom in your home.

Make use of the right patterns

First of all, if you want your bedroom to have a vintage look and feel, you should make use of the right patterns. Take advantage of patterns and textures such as accent wallpaper and decals, and throw pillows with textured fabric. If you have pictures, hang them in vintage gilded picture frames to complete the look.

Make it cosy with the right colours

Vintage-inspired bedrooms often have subtle, neutral, and relaxing shades and hues. One of the best colour combinations for a vintage bedroom is vanilla and caramel, or, alternatively, beige and khaki. This colour theme can instantly make your bedroom a lot cosier and warm, and you can combine it with a strategically-placed shelf in a similar colour or hue where you can display a few precious trinkets and items. Pay attention to the bed as well – layer it up with some comfy knits, throw pillows, and wool throws. The same is true for your armchairs – a silk, flannel, or woolen throw placed on the back of your armchair makes for a great, vintage-style look.

Go with the French

If you want something a bit more dramatic, you can go with the French – which means creating a bedroom which is inspired by the French countryside. You can easily do this with some unique prints and vintage homeware such as bold artwork, some throw pillows with portraits of Renaissance nobles, and so on (you can easily find such décor if you know where to look – and it’s not expensive, either). If you have a bit more budget, you can opt for a striking wrought-iron bed or a beautiful chandelier.

The right storage

Your shelves, cupboards, and cabinets need not be boring, either. Rather than just opting for that Ikea shelf, why not go for a more unique and personal rustic wooden cabinet, vintage wooden chest, or old-fashioned trolley shelves? Again, these kinds of items can be easily found, and they’re a wonderful addition to a beautiful, classic, and elegant vintage-themed bedroom.

The proper headboard

The headboard you choose can make a difference as well. If you want something more in the vintage style, why not make one yourself? You can do this with the proper materials and know-how. Or you can opt for a brighter-coloured headboard, such as one in aqua or turquoise to add a splash of colour to your soft, neutral theme.