How to Kill Termites?

Termites are relatives of ants and hence they are found anywhere, especially if your house is made of wooden flooring they can be found under the flooring, in the furniture etc. as they depend on cellulose which is derived from plants. Determining the termites at an early stage is essential as the elimination process takes a lot of time. Click here to know more about Termite Businesses in My Area.

How to kill termites?

There are many chemicals available to kill termites. You need to sure of using them in your locality as a few may be restricted. The best is to get it treated with a professional. Get rid of your house of termites using a professional termite exterminator.

A few things that you can try at home are:

  1. Boric Acid: It works by shutting down the Central nervous system of the termites and dehydrates You can coat or spray it on wood or plant it near the termite spots.
  2. Rock salt: Dig the area around the termite spots 6 inches deep and fill it with rock salt. It will help in being a temporary barrier.
  3. Boiling water: You can spill boiling water on termites to kill them instantly. This will kill those termites only that come in direct contact and reduce the number.
  4. You can dig through the area in your garden where you see termite mud heaps and then just flood it.

Professional way of getting rid of termites:

  1. Chemicals: Using chemicals like Permethrin dust which is a natural insecticide which gives instant results and stays for a long period also. It is also used by many professional experts.

            Termites feed on dead termites. When Arsenic dust is used any termite that gets in contact with it dies and the other termites that feed on the dead one will also get affected.

  1. Professional help: While you are opting for a professional service, you should first get your house inspected which would tell you the problems and give a report. There are 4 basic treatments that are usually used.
  2. Heat Extermination: This treatment takes 8 hours where the house is closed in a tent and hot air of 150 degree F is passed which helps to terminate termites. This is an ecofriendly treatment.
  3. Chemical Extermination: In this treatment, a liquid chemical is poured in holes and areas of termites, spraying it on wood, basement, etc. This treatment takes time and will continue until there is no termite left.
  4. Fumigation Extermination: This process takes 5 days and the owners are asked to stay away for this period. It includes spraying lethal gas and the house is kept closed.
  5. Bait Extermination: In this treatment, holes are drilled around the house so as to eliminate the existing termites and avoid any return of termites in future. Hence this is costly than chemical extermination.

You can either get a professional to do it or choose to do some of these on your own.