Importance of steel detailing for structural designing

Steel detailing is an important process of structural engineering as it provides a level of accuracy in the building structure. This work requires sophistication and concentration and it is done by experts. Even a tiny mistake can result in huge loss of time and money. In steel detailing all of the structure makers such as engineers, architect, carpenters, fabricators, electricians, contractors etc. works as a joint force to deliver the best product possible. They are one who is responsible for the accurate measurements of each area of each stage.

The process of steel detailing:

Steel detailing involves the extensive sketching and visual representations for fabricators and contractors. In this process, anything that can be made up of steel is sketched on a piece of paper. It can be building or non- building material. The steel detailer is then responsible to draw the designs in metallic. These designs are formed in away that exact measurements and material required for its formation can be understood from it. Drawing of construction parts such as beams, trusses, columns, bards, braces, stairs, metal decking etc. is constructed.

Types of Drawings:

For structure designing steel detailing drawing is done in two types:

  • Shop drawing

In this type of drawing the steel, detailer has to recognize carefully all of the attributes for fabricating each piece of the model/structure. The process of making adrawing of steel pieces is known as shop drawing. This is often known as detail drawing and in this process following parts is required to be analyzed.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Qualification of the material which will be used
  3. All sizes for required pieces
  4. Painting details
  5. Special instructions for fabrication
  6. Welding and bolting
  7. Material required for the reparation of the surface

After the shop drawing is completed the steel detailer moves to the process of erection drawing.

  • Erection drawing

In the process of erection drawing the detail, drawing is used to know how and where the steel pieces will be fabricated. In the process, the dimensions are carefully analyzed and steel member and units are identified. Grids are used to locate different objects in the structure models. It used for the installation of bolts, welding spots,and anchors

Standard Institutes for steel detailing:

The steel detailing process is based on the principles and standard formed internationally which includes

  1. American Institute of steel construction.
  2. American welding society
  3. National Institute of steel detailing
  4. Canadian Institute of steel construction
  5. Australian Institute of steel construction
  6. Euro code and British standard codes

These institutes have formed standard after careful analyzation with experts.

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