Important things you NEED to know about mold removal

There are a lot of misconceptions about molds. Some say that molds are not to be bothered and they don’t cause harm while others say that they are extremely dangerous. Some say that bleach solution is the best solution while others say that paint is the best solution. But what are some facts that you need to get straight so that you can take the perfect measures to get rid of molds as per the mold removal Mississauga experts?

The first thing that you need to get clear about is that all molds are not dangerous and all are not completely safe either. These two are very common misconceptions. Only certain type of molds are life threatening but most of them do cause minor illnesses like cold, headache and soreness of throat. Few of them cause asthma attacks to people who might not have had asthma before. So there are different types of molds and should not just generalize them. Similarly, you cannot neglect mold infestation either. You need to get it removed very soon after you detect it. This is because, as we have discussed earlier, the mold you have might be a life threatening one, too. Spores of molds are carried by air and you do not need to necessarily touch the mold to get ill. Breathing in the spores can, by itself, be harmful to you.

The second thing is that molds do not only grow in dirty and dark houses. There are a lot of molds that can easily live in sun-lit areas. As long as there is moisture, molds can thrive there. So, you can find molds in closed places like under your tiles or open places like you garden.

The third thing you need to know is not a misconception but a very important piece of information. One needs to know the source of dampness that is aiding them to grow in an area. Simply detecting a mold and getting rid of it is not enough. If you neglect the cause of mold growth, there will be mold in the same spot in no time. So, try to et to the base of the problem. If it is a leaking roof that is leading to mold formation, get it fixed right away. If it is clogged pipe, get it replaced or repaired.

The fourth thing is that people often think that using bleach solution on molds will kill it and prevent further infestation. This is completely wrong. Bleach solution can only be used if it is a small area that is infested. If it is a huge patch of drywall that is infested, bleach wont work. As per the mold removal Mississauga experts, you will need to find alternative ways, like replacing the drywall, in this case.

The last thing to know is that getting the mold removed by the help of professional mold removal company is great but you have to see that you are hiring a company that uses techniques that don’t harm the environment and your health. You do not want your house to be reeking of chemicals for several months after mold removal treatment. So, be sure to pick a good mold removal company.