Next generation portable generator systems with Lithium-LiFe

Human lifestyle had changed over time and replaced most of our tasks with devices. To be able to use these devices our only source is electricity. From fuel-based electricity generation to power grids, technology has evolved but growing human demands and their power consumption caused scarcity of production. Since we have exhausted all our natural resources, scarcity has shown its way much faster all over the world. To overcome this issue, generators made its way to ease our lifestyle.

Any generator requires a source of power (fuel, solar, wind and so on) and a storage system (batteries) for bringing in power in it. There are various types of batteries which are considered and used in these generators. Following are few of the batteries which are used in generators

1) Lead

2) Lithium

3) LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

These elements used in batteries gives different results based on various factors when they are utilised as an energy storage system in generators. Following are few of the factors to be considered during purchase of any generators

  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Life cycle of the batteries
  • Environment friendly

These solar portable generator batteries are safe to use, efficient battery life and extremely lightweight than traditional generators. Because, in traditional generators, batteries are made of the Lead Acid element where it is on the heavier side but cheaper when compared to other types of batteries available in the market. The Lithium-ion batteries are costlier when compared with Lead-based batteries but when calculated with respect to performance and longevity of the generator systems, Lithium based batteries costs less than Lead batteries and worth the money spent on them.

With its numerous benefits, Lithium element is extensively used in all portable devices but due to its unpredictable nature when exposed to other elements Lithium batteries can burn on its own and catches fire quickly. For example, if lithium batteries are overcharged there are chances of fire explosion. Hence these batteries are used with caution in the portable device systems.

Since Lithium oxide is unpredictable in nature and Lead-based batteries are heavier and low in performance they are used based on one’s requirement so far.But no more compromise in quality, safety and efficiency with this next generation portable generators with LiFe battery systems.

LiFe batteries are the combination of Lithium, Iron and phosphate elements which is a breakthrough invention that world has experienced. Most of the organisations are moving towards Lithium LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate) based batteries in all their Portable generator systems using Solar technology due to its various benefits.

Following are few of the benefits with Lithium-LiFe batteries used in portable solar generators

  • Safe to use
  • Reduced emissions on environment due to its usage
  • Efficient enough to handle the voltage fluctuations
  • Life cycle of the LiFe batteries are longer than Lead or Lithium based batteries
  • Cost efficient
  • Constant power throughout the discharge range
  • Easy to Recycle batteries
  • Lightweight batteries

While the Lithium-ion has been a revolution in rechargeable batteries till date, Lithium-LiFe is a next-generation energy revolution in the portable energy storage systems.