TIMBER FLOORING: Does One Really Need It For Office?

Undoubtedly, the choice of flooring type is always going to decide how the office premise is going to look like- cozy and warm! A commercial office premise unfailingly needs to cope up with what goes on inside. Right flooring is always a contributory factor to not only the aesthetic beauty but also the aura and functionality.

According to a flooring expert from a reputed company, “The corporate firms have given up their thought of using ceramic tiles or other such options only for the reason of being expensive.”

What has been the Substitute?

Timber flooring! This resin based flooring option has been doing quite well and has successfully been able to meet all the set parameters of an office. The popularity of the timber flooring in Pennant Hills and surrounding areas has been remarkable in the last few years.

Why is it Getting Popular in Offices?

It will not be wrong to say that this flooring option comes with a basket of advantages. The top corporate firms are relying a lot on it for the following few reasons—

  1. An Overall Dimensional Stability

A well-seasoned plank of timber from a seasoned trunk of a tree is hardly going to get distorted resulting in lesser replacement. Unlike the tiles, this floor does not break on sudden impact. Apart from this, with greater dimensional stability, this can be laid at any place in the office with ease.

  1. High Sustainability

Being highly-dense, the timber flooring in Pennant Hills provides better stability and support to offices that have higher numbers of footfalls. The surfaces can withstand the wear and tear due to heavy traffic because of its toughness.

  1. Ease of Maintenance and Repair

Corporate firms must always stress on reducing the expenses. Towards this initiative, the timber floor has proved to be the best solution. Unlike the other flooring options, this one does not need any significant attention. Spills and stains can be removed easily. In addition to it, a simple vacuuming is going to remove all the dust and dirt from the surface.

Apart from maintenance, repairing of the timber flooring in Pennant Hills is quite easy. Any replacement or repair is never going to cause inconvenience to the people or the employer.

  1. Longevity and Durability

The timber floors have features and specifications that will always help them to top the chart of being durable and sustain for long. The rated service life of this flooring type is several decades, subject to manufacturer’s guidelines. Generally, a properly maintained timber floor has the reputation of being in the service for long.

  1. Overall Cost of Installation

Money does not matter when it is all about getting the best flooring for the office. However, experts believe that if the quality is not compromised at any stage, then the initial cost of the installation is always going to be high.


So, keeping the above factors in mind, it can always be said that timber flooring is the best option. One should always opt for this for the office interior. It will, unfailingly, going to prove beneficial in the long run.

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