Watch Your Garden Grow Create A Home That Looks Outwards As Well As In

Ways to enjoy your garden even when you’re holed up inside. Nature is good for you, there’s no reason to neglect it during the winter months.

The merging of interior and exterior living has been a rising home design trend in recent years. Savvy homeowners see no reason to section off their gardens from the rest of the property and instead create ways to enjoy a natural flow from their beautiful outdoor space into the comfort of their homes. This is not just something that happens during the warmer seasons of the year, but throughout autumn and winter too.

Letting The Outside In

Inviting the outdoors into your home can be easily accomplished by increasing the number of places to view your garden from. If all you’ve had available is a small living room window, then you might consider adding some extra windows or a conservatory extension so that you can enjoy the benefits of outside from within. This will also help to increase the amount of natural light in your home, creating an airy, bright ambience.

If you’re spent all Spring and Summer in the garden, then it’s a shame to let all that hard work become undone through neglect. Sliding folding doors as part of a conservatory or summer room are a fantastic way to keep an eye on your outdoor living space from inside. As well as enjoying the daily view, you’ll be able to easily pop out and attend to any evident problems such as a fence post that has come loose or any weeds that are invading your planters.

Viewing Nature

By spending more time interacting with your garden, either by tending to it, or viewing it from an attractive conservatory extension, you will benefit from tremendous health benefits. Aside from the cardiovascular fitness you can gain from physical gardening, you will also have access to more fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. However, during the colder climate you can enjoy the spectacle that you’ve created, safe in the warmth of your home.

Nature is not just thought to be good for the soul, it can be proven too. New research published in the Environmental Psychology journal for the University of Melbourne found that taking a 40 second microbreak to look at scenes such as a green roof, helped to improve focus and performance on various tasks. For those that are studying or working from home, by regularly casting your eye upon the nature in your garden, you can reap the same benefits and improve your brain health.

Attracting Wildlife

Many homeowners take great delight in the wildlife that comes to visit their gardens. Small birds such as sparrows arrive in search of worms and other insects. You can help to attract them further by putting up an attractive ornamental bird feeder to draw their attention and keep them returning for more throughout the year. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a robin during the winter season. Throughout the summer, you can expect bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering as they search your flower beds looking for nectar.

It doesn’t take much to appreciate your garden whatever the weather. With a little effort, you can create a home that looks outwards as well as in.