Why Does The Carpet In Your Home Smell?

Your home does not smell right. Something has gone rotten, maybe even crawled into a dark corner and died. Heaven forbid it’s not in the wall or under the floorboards. It’s a stink that isn’t going away any time soon no matter how much searching and cleaning you do around the house.

The more you sniff, the worse the smell gets and because it has decided to remain instead of fade away, you start to wonder if, perhaps, that stench is centered around one specific portion of the home. A particular room could be ground zero for this unpleasant odor. But as you’ve already taken out the trash, cleaned out the fridge, and eliminated any other culprits that might be hanging around in the back of a closet, you start to turn your attention to the unlikeliest of places – your carpet.

So you kneel down and take a whiff…and wouldn’t you know it, you just filled your sinuses with a double barreled blast of choking funk. Yup, your carpet stinks. But why? How come your carpet is giving off a foul aroma and, more importantly, what should you do about the problem?

Here’s what you should know, that stench is going to remain unless you do something and soon. Those carpet fibers are ideal at holding onto bad smells and unless you clean your carpet and use an effective deodorizer, you will continue to live in a house that stinks something awful.

Moldy Odors

When high levels of moisture get trapped beneath your carpeting and the pad underneath, you are running a high risk of attracting mold and mildew that can remain under the carpet and give off a foul odor. Even more of a concern, the source of that moisture could have aromas of its own, making the carpet rife with germs.

You shouldn’t live in a home with mold and certain types are toxic, which will force you to tear the carpet up and have it removed from the home. What’s much worse is if the water that has flooded your carpet and allowed for mold to grow has come from the toilet or a burst sewer pipe, then you’re dealing with a toxic cornucopia of smells and bacteria that make the carpet entirely unhealthy and unsafe to keep in your home.

Pet Odors

We all love our pets but when your cat or dog urinates on the carpet, even once, it can cause a serious problem that will leave you with a stinky carpet. Pet stains need to be picked up and eliminated immediately, so call your professional carpet cleaning in Perth to get the job done.

Otherwise, if your pet smells even a faint hint of a urine or fecal smell on the carpet, it acts as an olfactory signal to the animal that they may pee or poop in that area again.

Old Carpeting

No matter how much you clean your carpet, the older it gets, the more odors it will accumulate. Years of foot traffic, cigarette smoke, and dust and grime, will all contribute to making your carpet smell bad and no amount of professional cleaning will be able to fully eliminate the stench of years of wear and tear.

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