Why You Need To Fix A Roof Leak Before It’s Too Late

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When you realize it’s time to fix a leaking roof do not delay. The longer you wait, the worse the problem can become. Think about it, the roof of your home is extremely important for protecting you, your family, and all of your belongings. It’s the main barrier that keeps the structure of your home intact and protected from the elements.

But depending on the region in which you live the climate can be unforgiving and relentless on the roof of your home. High wind, direct sunlight, even various forms of precipitation like hard rain, sleet, and snow can all have a lasting effect on your roofing materials. These impacts can damage the roof by dislodging or breaking shingles, causing gaps and leaks to occur.

Simply put, when your roof has been compromised in any way, that can lead to a variety of serious issues that must be addressed or else they will only get more severe. That can lead to other problems that will also require repairs and a small issue can soon turn to big bucks.

There’s no reason to pay more than necessary, fix a roof leak before it’s too late. Richmond roofers suggest that you conduct an inspection of your roof at least once a year. Doing so is absolutely crucial for diagnosing any issues and addressing them in a timely manner.

Here’s why:

Roof Inspections

Most homeowners believe that they need to have a licensed contractor or technician come out to inspect their roof and while having a professional examination is always a smart choice, this is not always necessary. In reality, you can go up on the roof yourself and do a visual inspection of the condition of all your materials.

Many signs of damage or disrepair are pretty easy to recognize and you don’t need to have a professional’s expertise to spot the major issues that might be evident on your roof. The biggest concern you need to watch out for is water damage as this can trigger other problems like mold growth, rotten wood and structural weaknesses of the roof.

A roof inspection is really the best way to discover any issues that might be apparent and the earlier you identify any pressing matters that exist, the quicker you can address them and prevent these from becoming expensive repairs. But most importantly, delaying a roof repair will only exacerbate these issues potentially costing you more to fix and possibly even resulting in a full replacement of the roof due to excessive amounts of damage from wear and tear caused by neglect.

So when you get up on the roof, take a good long look and don’t be shy about rolling up your sleeves and poking around up there. When you do, here are some of the most common issues affecting roofs that should be addressed as soon as possible:


Water damage is almost immediately evident through visible indications of discoloration along ceilings and walls in your home. A leaky roof is going to allow water to seep in and run down through the roof into various areas of your interior. But when that water is allowed to sit for extended periods of time the moisture will start to alter the appearance of the areas in which it has remained.

Large spots of discoloration are an immediate indication of water damage and these will need to be checked out fast. The discoloration will need to be repaired but you could have bigger issues above the rooms in which the water damage was discovered. Remember, that moisture has seeped in through a leak in the roof and that very likely means you have additional, possibly more severe, water damage directly beneath your roof.

You will need to climb into the attic to find the source of the leak and patch it up so that you don’t continue to let more moisture get inside. Sometimes it can be tough to ascertain where the leak is coming from so check for other visual indications like mold or mildew growth or rotten wood. Following this trail of damage should lead to visible openings in the roof where water is getting in.

Shingle Damage

Perhaps the easiest of problems to diagnose is the condition of your roofing shingles. They’ve been installed to appear entirely uniform and even across the length of your roof. But as homes age those shingles can start to show definite signs of wear and tear from the elements. These can be a major contributing factor to why a roof leaks.

This is why it’s important to fully diagnose the roof and check for any cracked or broken shingles. Perhaps some of them have become dislodged or shifted in place. You may also have some shingles that are missing entirely and need to be replaced. It is never a good idea to have shingles missing from a roof as you are just asking for all kinds of expensive repairs.

Your shingles are tasked with preventing the outside from getting inside and when you allow precipitation and moisture into your home, you’re making it more vulnerable to the nasty effects of water damage.

Mold and Mildew

Roof leaks can cause all kinds of significant damage. Exposure to the elements can have a negative effect on the condition of the wood in your home and excess moisture in areas where it does not belong can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Neither one is something with which you want to share living space.

That’s because mold can be harmful to the health of you and your family. Breathing in air that contains airborne mold spores can lead to major allergies and respiratory issues. Some forms of mold are so toxic that you could be putting your life at risk just by getting near it without protective equipment.

If you delay getting a roof leak repaired you could be promoting the growth of these types of mold and that can make the home unsafe to live in. Not to mention the fact that professional mold removal can be very expensive.

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