Why You Need To Remove Dangerous Trees From Your Property

Trees provide shade, improve our air quality, and provide a habit for our wildlife, so how could they be dangerous? Well, it helps to think of them like Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s a cute and seemingly innocent addition to the team until he puts his mind to it. Then he’s a force to be reckoned with. Under the right conditions, the trees on your property can do the same — albeit with less intergalactic weaponry.

What are these conditions? There’s no one answer. It could be a termite colony that’s upset the integrity of the oak in front of your house, or it could be strong winds that have snapped a branch that’s threatening to drop on the parked car in your driveway. Disease could infect its limbs, trunk, or root system and leave it ill-equipped for Edmonton’s mercurial weather patterns.

The ‘what’ doesn’t matter as much as the how you’ll fix it before it does any damage to your home, surrounding property, or family. While you might be tempted to remove these dangerous trees by yourself, it’s not in your best interest to do so. This task includes climbing to incredible heights and using industrial equipment capable of felling fully grown trees. Without experience, handling the rigging and blades involved is incredibly dangerous.

We only need to look towards the Tree Care Industry Association’s (TICA) 2012 study to understand why. More than half of the reported tree maintenance accidents resulted in death!

When it comes to tree removal Edmonton has options that work within your standards and budget. The city’s arborists belong to a thriving industry that values excellence and safety above all else. Legitimate arborists, such as the licensed professionals at Chipps Tree Care, are ISA-certified professionals that have achieved the right training, experience, and insurance to tackle the issues on your property. They’ll be able to identify the safe course of treatment to a variety of problems, including pruning, planting, and stump grinding.

The arborists at Chipps Tree Care come with low-impact rigging techniques so they can remove the dangerous tree on your property without affecting the surrounding trees, plants, or buildings nearby. These techniques involved skilled handling and state-of-the-equipment, both of which you could never hope to duplicate on your own.

Why attempt a job you know your unqualified for, if the worst case scenario could result in death? Speak with ISA-certified arborists and stay safe. These professionals can eliminate any tree threatening your property safely, efficiently, and affordably.